Æternity Venture

🔔We are happy to announce another awesome addition to the Judge Panel for Nakamotos Den! 🔔

Æternity Venture!

Both Æternity Blockchain and Æternity Ventures will join the Judge Panel for Nakamotos Den. With their unique and innovative ecosystem, they are set to redefine smart contracts and make blockchain technology ready for mass adoption. Among many innovative features such as the state channels or their individual naming system, they have unique governance which allows stakeholders to make decisions together on proposed changes.

The Global Starfleet Program of Æternity Ventures is giving blockchain startups the chance of a seed capital of up to $250K and granted access to a worldwide network of experts, investors, and mentors from the world of business and blockchain. Additionally, they provide working space for each team as well as preparation and support during the token sale phase.