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The platform cryptocurrency investors have been waiting for is finally here., the world’s first tokenised securities platform, launched in Q1 of 2019 as closed beta. It’s fast, flexible, secure and fully regulated – a breakthrough in cryptocurrency democracy.

The platform allows seamless trading and movement between crypto, fiat, commodities, equities and indices. harnesses the power of blockchain technology, increasing speed and minimising risk.  Our platform mirrors the price activity of traditional assets, providing the user with a tokenised security. At launch there will be 150 global instruments available, expanding to over 10,000. Experienced investors will have the option to trade with leverage.

The demand for a service like is clear. Cryptocurrency is an ever-growing part of financial markets, but crypto investors face several barriers when trying to move into the world of traditional investment vehicles. Real-world assets, like stocks, commodities and indices, remain closed off, especially if the vast majority of their investment capital is held in cryptocurrency.

Despite the significant rise in adoption, cryptocurrency investors are often obliged to exchange their coins to fiat before being able to trade assets like gold or weighted indices like the DAX 30. There has been no exchange offering a service to remedy this problem until now. is uniquely placed to deliver this vision because of its location in Belarus. In 2017, Belarus signed the decree ‘On Digital Economy Development’, drafting from scratch regulations specifically for cryptocurrency and tokenised securities. As Belarus’s premier smart-asset exchange, is in a prime position to mitigate risk. It operates under stringent AML and KYC regulations. Belarus wants to incentivise crypto activity and infrastructure by making trading tax free.

Only has the expertise and track record to create this platform. Its partner company – alongside EXP Capital – boasts a team with more than 300 years of combined experience in financial services and trading. will democratise cryptocurrency by making what is often viewed as impenetrable to outsiders available to all. It is committed to expanding its compatible languages and to incorporating decentralised and stabilised technologies to improve the platform. provides comprehensive data and 75 indicators as well as the most advanced drawing tools. traders can keep their assets in one secure and provable place, and make decisions with minimal risk and effort.

Crypto just got real.