Polygrowth is one of Nakamoto’s Den most valuable partners!

🔔We are pleased to announce another awesome Media Partner for Nakamoto’s Den! 🔔



PolyGrowth was founded by Simon Moser and Konstantin Kaiser, who both immigrated from Germany to Cyprus at the age of 19. PolyGrowth helps companies in the Blockchain, Cannabis and High-tech industry to grow their businesses through powerful PR & content marketing strategies. Simon is also a contributor on Entrepreneur.

They recently worked for Heatmine and secured media coverage for them on Fast Company, Digital Trends, Radio Canada, Yahoo Finance, CCN, and many other major publications. PolyGrowth’s advisor, Pascal Thellmann, is the Co-Founder and CMO of the successful blockchain project Bounty0x, which has one of the highest numbers of users in the industry. With being only 18 years old at that time, Pascal is also one of the youngest CMO’s in the blockchain space.

With their young and dynamic team, they understand exactly how to adapt to new challenges in the fastest manner.