Digital StartUp battle participant: WeBuy

🔔We are thrilled to announce another amazing Battle Participant for Nakamoto’s Den! 🔔


WeBuy is creating a completely new experience for buyer and seller communication. With this new dynamic, buyers’ needs are a priority. When it comes to being contacted, buyers set the rules and conditions. Sellers are then able to offer their best products and services directly to interested buyers. Buyers have the chance to build profitable businesses, just by sharing information from their phones! Local business owners will be able to geolocalize potential clients in real time; clients that are willing to buy their products and services.
Buyers are also able to find the products and services that they want, at the best price, nearby, and are compensated for reviewing relevant ads.

Sellers are able to reach potential customers and clients who they know are interested in their specific products.

In effect, customer acquisition and transaction costs are cut, and advertising is targeted and highly effective. This results in a true win-win for both parties involved.

In addition, WeBuy is pioneering a new concept for blockchain based projects which is formulated to meet the challenges normally faced after an ICO. It is called POTS, short for Production-Oriented Token Sale. It relies on realistic, transparent, round-for-round funding that requires detailed feedback and reporting, including a clarification in terms of how demand for the WBY token will be created.

Their team consists of over 15 professionals and 5 advisors from different industries. All of this makes WeBuy truely innovative and promising.